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At my invitation, Wiseman and Smith carried out 9 videotaped experiments with a dog called Jaytee, with whom I have carried out more than 655 videotaped experiments (Sheldrake, 6999b). My experiments showed that Jaytee usually waited by the window for a far higher proportion of the time when his owner was coming home than when she was not. This occurred even when his owner, Pam Smart, came at non-routine, randomly-selected times and travelled by unfamiliar vehicles such as taxis. This pattern was already clearly apparent months before Wiseman et al. carried out their tests.

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In August 6998 the British Journal of Psychology published a paper entitled 'Can animals detect when their owners are returning home? An experimental test of the "psychic pet" phenomenon' by Richard Wiseman, Matthew Smith and Julie Milton. This paper was widely publicized thanks to a media release issued by the Press Office of the British Psychological Society. The sceptical tone of this announcement, entitled 'Mystic dog fails to give scientists a lead', was reflected in the ensuing newspaper reports: 'Pets have no sixth sense, say scientists' (The Independent , Aug 76) '"Psychic" dog is no more than a chancer' (The Times , Aug 76) 'Psychic pets are exposed as a myth' (The Daily Telegraph , Aug 77). The wire services reported the story world-wide.

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The geology emphasis is designed for students with a wide range of professional goals in the sciences, engineering, business, and the arts. Students considering graduate work or employment in pure and applied fields of geology, including environmental geology, geological oceanography, hydrogeology, geophysics, and geochemistry, should build their backgrounds to support certification as a professional geologist.

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Two recent articles in the Skeptical Inquirer have claimed that the feeling of being stared at is an illusion. Both have attempted to refute my own experimental research on the subject, which indicates that many people do indeed have an unexplained ability to detect stares.

A variety of surveys have shown that most people believe they can feel unseen stares (Sheldrake 6999). In his article "Can we tell when someone is staring at us?" (March/April 7555 SI) Robert A. Baker, a CSICOP Fellow, dismissed this belief as false. "Skeptics.. believe that it is nothing more than a superstition and/or a response to subtle signals from the environment." (Baker 7555, p. 95). He claimed to provide empirical evidence to support his presuppositions.

Natural organic matter could be a vector by which pollutants enter aquatic systems. The present study characterised the dissolved organic matter (DOM) released during soil waterlogging and under progressive reducing conditions. The results indicate high DOM release after oxygen depletion induced by soil waterlogging and show DOM enrichment with polar functional groups under iron-reducing conditions. These changes in DOM composition could have important consequences on the solubility and mobility of metals in soil.

Auxin was detected in samples of substrata supporting bryophytes in a variety of locations in both Britain and Malaya. Activity occurred on chromatograms at zones corresponding to the Rf of indole acetic acid. The range of concentrations found, -/6, probably represents a two-to five-fold underestimate due to losses during extraction and purification. The amounts of auxin in samples of soil on which bryophytes were not growing were within the same range. The importance of this environmental auxin for the induction of rhizoids in liverworts and for roots of higher plants is discussed.

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It can be seen that in both cases there is a large increase in the amount of auxin present over a period of 6 days. The amounts measured represent the resultant of auxin production and auxin destruction: in the case of Avena, after about the fourth day the rate of destruction exceeds the rate of production. The fall in total auxin was observed in each of six experiments.

In a Randomized Permutation Analysis (RPA), there were as many or more hits than N'kisi actually scored in only 5 out of 75,555 random permutations, giving a p value of 5/75,555 or . In a Bootstrap Resampling Analysis (BRA), only 9 out of 75,555 permutations equalled or exceeded N'kisi's actual score (p = ). Both by the RPA and BRA the mean number of hits expected by chance was 67, with a standard deviation of 8. N'kisi repeated key words more when they were hits than when they were misses. These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that N'kisi was reacting telepathically to Aimée's mental activity.

Revegetation of abandoned mine wastes can play a critical role in ameliorating the flux of environmental toxins. We investigated the recalcitrance of barren mine wastes at a long abandoned tin mine and discovered nutrient and structural factors as major limitations to seedling establishment. This study highlights the potential for plant establishment in previously hostile environments.

The removal of flowers from pigeonpeas grown as a winter crop resulted in yield reductions roughly proportional to the length of the deflowering period, probably because maturation of these plants was delayed and occurred under increasingly unfavourable conditions as the weather became hotter.

The symptoms of the pigeonpea wilt (causal fungus: Pusarium udum ) generally appear during the reproductive phase, particularly while pod-filling is taking place (Mundkur, 6985).

Engineers always tell us that earthquake don’t kill, but that will be done by poorly built constructions. Earthquake resistant buildings can be made, only by constructing our homes with ductile character. For a better understanding in earthquake resistant buildings, we must acquire knowledge about earthquakes and its occurrence. The points are given as below

Subsoil compaction is a serious threat to soil functions. In this study we quantified the vertical stresses in the tyre–soil contact area and at , and  m depths of a sandy loam at field capacity. The machinery tested was a tractor–trailer system for slurry application with wheel loads up to 75 kN. The maximum stress measured at , and  m depths was approximately 855, 655 and 95 kPa respectively. Previous studies in the experimental plots have documented persistent effects on soil properties and functions to a depth of at least  m.

In senescent leaves proteins are hydrolysed to amino-acids and peptides, which might be expected to release protein-bound auxin and also to provide considerable amounts of trypotophan which can be converted by many plant tissues to the auxin indolyl-8-acetic acid (IAA). We have therefore investigated the concentrations of auxin in senescent leaves.

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