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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 19:01

Anantha Narayanan has written for ESPNcricinfo and CastrolCricket Only could have been written by an Indian to not give us a cricket view but and indian view of it. Why tell us the position of Kapil Dev and Anil Kumble but not those of Imran Khan and Wasim Akram?
My apologies for the strong words used, which have been removed.
I have given Wasim Akram's and Imran Khan's details in response to a comment of aliasg8669865.
But you belong to an elite reader group of one. The only one to accuse me of a bias towards Indian players. Normally it is the other way around.

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Anant Taking the total scores by blocks does not account for disparity between innings. Especially if a run of low scores has been off-set by higher scores due to a break (being dropped or different series).Instead, why not just take all the innings of a batsmen and plot it against a normal distribution? # of innings which show greater than one deviation from the mean (one both sides) can be used to measure the %inconsistency. Removes the necessity of blocks..
I have always thought out of the box and stayed off the normal statistical methods. It may be my greatest strength and possible weakness also. But my analyses have to be understood and appreciated by everyone who reads the articles.

Who are the most consistent players in Test history? | The

Superb start for the Indian pacer Mohammad Shami, who begins with a bumper that produces a thick outside edge of Dimuth Karunaratne. It goes flying but just wide of gully. Can you imagine what a start it would have been?

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Watching games on TV he would grit his teeth and knot his fists. Players he loved - mostly men from the Caribbean - were never at fault, however badly they batted or bowled. Players he disliked - mostly men who did well against his buddies from the Caribbean - were scum of the earth who had no business being within a hundred metres of a cricket field. Any umpire who dared to declare Viv Richards out was a "fraud". Any bowler who got him out was interfering with the natural order of the universe. When Ravi Shastri made the grave mistake of dismissing Richards, he was branded a makku plastry , a stupid idiot, "who has no better work in life".

Karunaratne has missed a hundred. He played so well to get here and then as he was just three runs short, he brought out an extravagant sweep, only to see the ball sneaking under his bat and rattling the stumps. Gone for 97.

Karunaratne and Dickwella have put on a 55-run stand for the fifth wicket. A few edges and misses here and there, but the latter in particular has taken a lot of chances. Some resistance shown by Sri Lanka, finally.

As far as the bowling was concerned, Ravindra Jadeja bagged a total of six wickets to lead the way. The pacers impressed, especially Mohammed Shami. Ashwin came good with vital strikes towards the end. A very rounded performance if one could say and they would be more than delighted to have started the tour on a high. For Sri Lanka, there are deeper problems than just the injuries. Can they fight back? We shall know soon. Thanks for joining us. Until then, goodbye!

Very interesting but let's take Ashwin for instance. He is picked only on turfs suited to him and he is bound to be consistent. There are articles around how his average is vastly different from home and away. So there is never 'the' statistic that determines a players all round consistency. These outliers are hard to spot.
Your example is primarily a bowler. Can you think of one batsman who is selected based on location?

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Mr. Naranayan sir, brilliant article as always. Would you please post on all article on an all-time greatest test world XI? I have posted such a list on my blog: https:///7567/59/66/cricket-what-is-the-all-time-greatest-test-xi/. Thanks!