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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 14:40

(seriously, you wanted to throw the gauntlet down to lonely male nerds, and the turf you chose was Star Wars metaphors ? HOW COULD THAT POSSIBLY SEEM LIKE A GOOD IDEA?)

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If you look through Marcotte 8767 s work, you find this same phrasing quite often. 8775 Some antifeminist guy is ranting at me about how men are the ones who are really oppressed because of the draft 8776 ( source ). And she 8767 s not the only one. If you Google the term 8775 are the ones who are really oppressed 8776 , you can find an nice collection of people using this exact phraseology, including a few examples from a charming site called 8775 Nerds Fucking Suck 8776 .

Courtly Love in the Middle Ages: Definition

I don’t really know what makes pain systemic or not, but can you agree that there’s a not-completely-crazy interpretation of the word “privilege” under which Aaronson isn’t entirely privileged?

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So here is my offer to Ms. Penny. If she accepts and is in some kind of heavily nerd-populated city (NYC? SF?) I will use my connections in the nerd community to get her ten dates within ten days with intelligent, kind, respectful nerdy men of whom she approves.

For every Scott Aaronson who became a tenured professor, there are a lot whose career trajectories if they ever existed were shot down by the very psychosocial problems they 8767 ve described. It 8767 s only in a narrow set of circumstances that 8775 nerdy 8776 traits are an advantage, and even then you 8767 ll be paying for it in other ways (such as being a virgin until 85).

I 8767 ve already stated that wanting to have intimate connections with other people is a biological imperative, or close to it. Let 8767 s try to only compare apples to apples, please?

I think a lot of that is probably the 8775 MIT Professor 8776 part, which is being taken to represent a huge amount of privilege (which it is, in many aspects of life) but being back-dated as if he was *always* a high-status MIT professor. Which, of course, he wasn 8767 t. And he didn 8767 t know he 8767 d eventually be one later in life.

They key issue, and the issue that seems to get lost in the discussions over male entitlement is that we’re not complaining about lack of romantic/sexual success, at least not directly. The complaint is about how a combination of some feminist rhetoric and often bad experiences, lead to a deeply seated, and probably unreasonable, fear about acting on ANY romantic/sexual interest. That does generally lead to lack of romantic/sexual success but thats the effect not the cause.

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